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Software Localization

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Software Localization Services


Localization Services
  • translation of strings
  • translation of documentations
  • engineering and testing

Software localization involves more than just translation. It includes internationalization, cultural adaptation of messages, images, colors, currencies, date/time format, numbers, and requires technical know-how.

Our team of experts on software localization will ensure that your software product is timely and cost-efficiently localized to reach international markets. We work closely with translators to seamlessly localize and adapt your software products and programs, legacy applications and software designs and documents to suit other languages, countries and cultures across the globe.

Our technical team is composed of software engineers and testers who can localize your software products and legacy applications from existing product lines. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in a large variety of programming languages and development environments, both classical ones (C/C++, Pascal, Ada, Perl, Tcl, SQL, etc.) and modern ones including Internet programming technologies (PHP, ColdFusion, Delphi, Visual Basic, Java, JavaScript, C#, etc.). Our skills extend across multiple platforms and operating system environments (Windows, Mac, Unix, Solaris, Linux, etc.).