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Instant Translation

Instant Translation In Action!
Instant Translation


Interpretation Services
  • Public Meetings, Events & Briefings
  • Marketing & Business Meetings
  • Presentations, Workshops, Seminars & Trainings
  • Technology & IT Conferences

Instant Translation is an exciting solution to cross-cultural communication suitable for servicing very large audiences. This solution involves a combination of simultaneous interpretation and real-time captioning.

Instant translation offers a number of advantages:

  • Can accommodate audiences of all sizes, from a few hundred to a few thousand, or one-on-one meetings
  • Conveniently displayed on large screens
  • Discretely available to read on audience members' phones, tablets, computers, and other devices
  • Can be accessed remotely, with no geographic limitations
  • Real-time captioning can be used by itself, or together with simultaneous interpretation
  • Time and cost efficient

Instant Translation is available for your events and meetings in all languages. Please contact Monterey Language Services to request a quote for your next event today!