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About Us

Our Management


The core competency of Monterey Language Services is to produce high quality translation and interpretation. The reasons why we are able to achieve this goal are:

  • Capitalizing on many years of management experience in the translation industry, we have developed new methods and approaches to ensure that we can make a difference in our work.
  • We are operated by graduates of the most prestigious translation university in the United States. We are highly skilled and professionally trained, making us a leading force in our field.
  • We are able to utilize and design technologies to improve work flow efficiency, so we can devote most of our time to produce high quality translation and interpretation work.
  • We have more than 15 years of experience in the language industry, so we know it is really important to bring out the meaning and underlying culture. We have also developed a large network that generates only the most qualified translators and interpreters.

While focusing on high quality translation, we strive to provide reasonable pricing by reducing administrative overhead. We are committed to ongoing cost reduction efforts to provide a sustainable value to our customers.

Based on many years of experience in managing translation projects, we have developed new methods, and proprietary technologies to streamline our processes and make life easier for our customers.

For example, "Quick Order" is a fast, self-serve process for placing a simple order. Just take a few minutes to place your order and within one, two or three days we will deliver the translation to your email, mailbox or fax. If you have more extensive requirements, use our "Request a Quote" process which is capable of handling requests of any complexity.

We make sure life is easier and better for you, when you do business with us.

With Monterey Language Services you can count on getting high-quality results with minimal effort on your part.